I'm currently looking for a job in the Portland area. If you're interested in checking out some of my most recent work, feel free to browse my GitHub page. If you'd like to get in touch, you can reach me on rosebud@sanjuro.net or through LinkedIn.

If you're curious about how this site was created, read on.

The main delivery system is Django. All of the relatively simple pages, like this one, are created using Django templates. At the moment, the only exception is the Resumé page, which was created using React. It's sort of like using a shotgun to kill a fly but I get to practice with the shotgun that way. Django is still serving up the raw resumé data through an API, but React is fetching this, processing it, and creating the display. Styling is customized Bootstrap and Bootswatch themes.

There are two separate repositories for the resumé app. One is for the Django side of the app, which includes the API, the skeleton Django template, and a good portion of the customized styling. The other repository includes the React components for the frontend build.

I would also like the thank the creators of several tutorials and guides that were particularly helpful:

The LinkedIn icon was made by SimpleIcon and the envelope icon was made by Freepik. Both were provided by www.flaticon.com.